This experiential online course is designed to help you better understand what you want in life, develop emotional resilience, and building quality relationships with yourself and with others.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to understand your own emotions and the emotions of others, and to use that understanding to effectively guide thinking and action. EI skills are especially important for achieving physical and psychological health, cognitive and social functioning, psychological wellbeing, and academic/career performance.

Course Curriculum

Featuring 90+ OnDemand lectures, real-world examples, self-assessments, fun exercises, and clever strategies to help you succeed!

  • 1

    1. Emotional Intelligence Overview

    • History of Emotional Intelligence

    • Debunking Emotional Intelligence Myths: Heart vs. Head?

    • Debunking Emotional Intelligence Myths: Do You Have IT?

    • Debunking Emotional Intelligence Myths: Grit (Mental Toughness)?

    • Debunking Emotional Intelligence Myths: Common Sense?

    • The Five Dimensions of an Emotion

    • Emotional Intelligence Overview

    • Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

    • What Happens Inside Your Brain

    • The Secret to Achieving Balance

    • CAUTION: The Amygdala Hijack

    • Module Takeaways

    • Module Exercises

    • Reality Check: My Emotional Intelligence Skills

    • Module Feedback

  • 2

    2. Self-Awareness

    • Self-Awareness Overview

    • Five Elements of Self-Awareness

    • How to Be an Emotion Scientist

    • Emotion vs. Feeling vs. Mood

    • Decoding Bodily Sensations

    • Exercise: Decoding Your Bodily Sensations

    • Understanding Action Tendencies

    • Reality Check: My Coping Strategies

    • Labeling Emotions: How to Improve Emotional Literacy

    • Emotional Barriers and Stigmas

    • Unloading Your Emotional Labor

    • Real People, Real Examples: What Others Say about Their Emotions

    • Module Takeaways

    • Module Exercise Overview

    • Module Exercise

    • Real People, Real Examples: Emotion Gallery Walk

    • Module Feedback

  • 3

    3. Self-Management

    • Self-Management Overview

    • Reframing "Bad" Emotions

    • Identifying Your Goals & Motivations

    • Reality Check: My Goals & Motivations

    • How Emotional Resilience Works

    • When You Get a Knock on the Door

    • Exercise: Growth Mindset for Emotions

    • Exercise: Rewiring Our Brain Challenge

    • What is Coping?

    • Coping Barriers and Exercise Overview

    • Reality Check: My Coping Barriers

    • Ways to Fill Up Your Coping Toolbox

    • Adaptive Coping Strategies

    • Module Takeaways

    • Module Exercise Overview

    • Module Exercise

    • Module Feedback

  • 4

    4. Social Awareness

    • Interpersonal: Reflective Question

    • Social Awareness Overview

    • From Self-Awareness to Other-Awareness

    • Detecting Facial Expressions

    • Exercise: The Face Detective

    • Deciphering Body Languages

    • Exercise: Active Listening

    • Decoding Verbal Cues

    • Generating Insights from Emotional Data

    • Reality Check: My Personality

    • Debrief: Your Big Five Personality

    • Understanding Your Social Awareness Goals

    • Uncovering Your Biases & Assumptions

    • Module Takeaways

    • Module Exercise Overview

    • Module Exercise

    • Module Feedback

  • 5

    5. Relationships Skills

    • Relationship Management Overview

    • Elements of a Healthy Relationship

    • Giving and Receiving Feedback

    • Exercise: Feedforward

    • Conflict Resolution

    • Exercise: Establishing Your Relationship Norms

    • Exercise: Clarifying Needs

    • Exercise: Goal Sharing

    • Exercise: Just Like Me

    • Power Mentorship

    • Exercise: Conducting an Informational Interview

    • My Take on Networking

    • What Is a Sense of Belonging

    • Reality Check: Diagnosing Your Sense of Belonging

    • Exercise: Understanding Your Boundaries

    • Module Takeaways

    • Module Feedback

  • 6

    6. Putting It All Together

    • Module Overview

    • Uncovering Your Needs and Values

    • Reality Check: Your Needs and Values

    • My Personal Journey: How to Harness Your Emotion for Purpose and Resilience (Keynote)

    • Your Elevator Pitch

    • Exercise: The Brand of #Me

    • Conquering the Imposter Syndrome

    • Reality Check: Beware of the Joy Thief

    • Reality Check: Identifying Your Strengths

    • Module Exercise Overview

    • Module Exercise: Message to My Future Self

    • Real People, Real Examples #1: To My Future Self

    • Real People, Real Examples #2: To My Future Self

    • Real People, Real Examples #3: To My Past and Future Self

    • Real People, Real Examples #4: To My Past Self

    • End of the Course Message

    • Module Feedback