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Social Situations Library


    1. Welcome Message from Dr. Jenny Woo

    2. Online Library Overview

    3. Cards by Age & Skill

    1. Experience Check-In (Easy)

    2. Two Lies and a Truth (Medium)

    3. Family RolePlay (Advanced)

    4. Moral Dilemma Debate (Challenging)

    1. Scenario Showdown

    2. Empathy Guess

    3. Emotional Intelligence Quest

    4. What Would You Do Skits

    5. Emotional Intelligence Relay & Pitch Contest

    6. Social Scenario Charades

    1. Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone (A of Hearts)

    2. Dealing with Disappointment (2 of Hearts)

    3. Working through Frustrations (3 of Hearts)

    4. Video: How to Breathe Mindfully (Made for Kids by Kids)

    5. Managing Anxiety (4 of Hearts)

    6. Handling Embarrassment (5 of Hearts)

    7. Overcoming Negativity (6 of Hearts)

    8. Clarifying Confusion (7 of Hearts)

    9. Accepting What You Can't Control (8 of Hearts)

    10. Coping with Sadness (9 of Hearts)

    11. Recovering from an Insult (10 of Hearts)

    12. Savoring Success (J of Hearts)

    13. Balancing Stress and Pressure (Q of Hearts)

    14. Navigating Insecurities (K of Hearts)

    15. Video: How to Apply Growth Mindset (Made for kids by kids)

    1. Video: How to be a Good Listener (Made for Kids by Kids)

    2. Demonstrating Patience (A of Diamonds)

    3. Understanding the Impact of Your Actions (2 of Diamonds)

    4. Respecting Property (3 of Diamonds)

    5. Handling Peer Pressure (4 of Diamonds)

    6. Getting Heard (5 of Diamonds)

    7. Evaluating Consequences (6 of Diamonds)

    8. Advocating for Self (7 of Diamonds)

    9. Keeping an Open Mind (8 of Diamonds)

    10. Setting Goals (9 of Diamonds)

    11. Video: How to Set SMART Goals (Made for kids by kids)

    12. Staying Focused (10 of Diamonds)

    13. Video: How to Create a To-Do List (Made for Kids by Kids)

    14. Defending Yourself (J of Diamonds)

    15. Doing the Right Thing (Q of Diamonds)

    16. Finding Alternative Options (K of Diamonds)

    1. Considering Others' Feelings (A of Spades)

    2. Recognizing Nonverbal Cues (2 of Spades)

    3. Video: How to Read Social Cues (Made for kids by kids)

    4. Adapting to Context (3 of Spades)

    5. Detecting Sarcasm (4 of Spades)

    6. Perspective-Taking (5 of Spades)

    7. Respecting Learning Differences (6 of Spades)

    8. Understanding Decisions (7 of Spades)

    9. Caring for Borrowed Things (8 of Spades)

    10. Video: How to Demonstrate Empathy (Made for kids by kids)

    11. Demonstrating Empathy (9 of Spades)

    12. Video: How to Demonstrate Empathy (Made for kids by kids)

    13. Communicating Boundaries (10 of Spades)

    14. Breaking the News (J of Spades)

    15. Being Inclusive (Q of Spades)

    16. How To Teach Kids About Belonging (Made for Kids by Kids)

    17. Confronting Issues (K of Spades)

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